Terms and Conditions
Sheabelle reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
No refunds or exchanges are allowed.
All prices are non negotiable.

Once an order is made and confirmed by us, you will automatically have a 24 hour reservation on the items. Failing to proceed with the payment within the given time frame without any extensions made will lead to your order being cancelled.

If you wish to back out once order forms are submitted, please notify us through email. We don't bite :)

Emails will be responded within 24 hours and parcels will be shipped out according to the posting schedule. Details on delivery charges and posting schedule are located here.

Restocking Sold Out Items
Most of our items are restockable, so do drop us an email or fill us a form here to ask us. Full refund will be made if items are not restockable.

Colours of the items may differ slightly from the pictures shown in this site due to the different lightings.

Pricing and Measurements
We try to ensure all the details on the measurements taken and pricing stated in our site are accurate. If there are any mistakes that we've overlooked, do not hesitate to correct us.


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