About Us

Sheabelle is an online site that features all kinds of accessories handpicked by the owner, Christine.
So how did we come about Sheabelle? The name started off with Christine wanting the word "Belle"and her sister insisted on the word "Shea". And there you have it! It's so random, we know!

Why us?
We focus more on providing the best service for the customers than simply just ignoring. Also, we tend to be a tad bit personal when it comes to communicating, making friends along the way and not just mere customers :) 

Products shown here in Sheabelle is the exact same, what you see is what you'll get! All our accessories are ready stock (unless stated otherwise). Hence, no waiting time needed! Just make your payment, and wait till your parcel arrives at your doorstep!

Thank you
We would like to express our gratitude in shopping with us and have a great day!


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